Arms – Front Facing Prone Long Box


: BG 2G, KD
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Hip Opening
> Donkey kicks (single/double)
> Frog squeezes
> Straight leg lifts (single/double)

Cobra/Back Extensions
In order of Ascending difficulty:
> Both hands on box
> Remove one hand at top
> Remove both hands at top
> No hand support
> One hand behind head
> Both hands behind head


Quad Stretch
> Offer Magic circle for clients who cannot reach ankles

Difficulty Levels:

Hip Opening:
> Hamstring curl at top
> Prone quad stretch

Cobra/Back Extensions:
> Side bend with arm reach (Reach fingers to toes on same side)
> Rotation to ceiling (Hands behind head)
> Single knee bend
> Swimming legs

> Single front raise
> Arm opener
> Single knee bend
> Swimming legs
> Frog legs